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Patient Care

What happens when we leave the missing tooth untreated?

1. Deformation of dention

2. Widening of tooth gap

3. Induction of dental Caries/gum disease

4. Looks older then the actual age

5. absorpation of gingival bone whten left un treated for a prolonged period of time

6. Diminished digestive function due to the inability to chew well


Keep the gauze in the mouth for two hours or more, and swallow any saliva or blood rather than spit it out.


Must take the prescribed drug to alleviate pain and prevent infection.


Repeatedly apply and remove an ice pack in 5 mintes interval.

Alcohol, Cigarette

Must refrain from alcohol and cigarettes for at least one month.


Consume soft or liquid food for the 1st week after te surgery. Refrain from consuming any tough or hard food.


Rinse with mouthwash (antiseptic solution) twice a day, avoid site of treatment when brushing for 1 week after

Bath and rest

Avoid hot baths, Hot packs and intense exercises for 2-3day after the surgery and take a rest